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Allergies, gluten free, vegan options?

We do not offer these options at the moment but we are very close to a taste and texture we can be proud of. Please contact us if you are interested.


What is fondant?

It is an edible sheet of icing that can be rolled and handled with enough pliability to be draped around  baked good, mostly cakes but also cupcakes and cookies. Our fondant is handmade from mostly marshmallows and powder sugar.


What are some other edible decorations?

Besides fondant and sugar paste to make sugar flowers, other popular decorations can be made with wafer paper (like lace and crinoline, or edible paper flowers). Rice paper is a fantastic medium to make flowy sails or flowers also. Disclosure: Most decoration will have some element that is not edible to either hold it in place or to assemble together (toothpick, floral wire and tape, stirring straws, etc)


Silk Flowers, sugar flowers, or fresh flowers

The silk flowers were use are chosen with care to appear as realistic as possible. It is a better alternative for darker colors or when we need to use more flowers without the added weight of heavier sugar flowers in general.


Sugar flowers are a show stopper. They elevate the cake, and are sometimes a better choice when a you are looking for either a delicate large rose or peony, an out of season flower, or a more wild and special fantasy flower intended to be different.


Fresh flowers are an option when the couple provides the flowers that the florist is gathering already in a particular color and style. We’ll keep them fresh until the last possible moment, but each stem will have to be prepped, covered and/or wrapped before it goes onto the cake.



Choose up to 3 combinations of cake and buttercream. The consultation and tasting session is for up to 3 guests. It can come confusing or distracting with more that 3 people, but, if you would like additional guest or additional flavors, please contact us.

The cost of a tasting is only $30 but that amount goes towards the cost of the cake if you make a deposit on that day.

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